Theme Leader – Professor Kathryn Lilley

Professor Kathryn Lilley

Co-Theme Leader, Biological Mass Spectrometry

University of Cambridge

Professor Kathryn Lilley received her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Sheffield in 1990. She continued her scientific career as a laboratory manager for 11 years at the University of Leicester where she ran the Protein and Nucleic Acid Laboratory core facility.

In November 2000, she established the Cambridge Center for Proteomics (CCP) of which she is director which sits within the Cambridge Systems Biology Centre, University of Cambridge. This state-of-the-art center collaborates with a large number of groups in the UK and worldwide.

In parallel to this, she established a research programme and her laboratory is now at the forefront of technology development which enables measurement of the dynamics of the proteome in a high throughput manner in space and time during critical cellular processes such as signaling and differentiation.

Her group has also contributed many open-source informatics tools necessary to efficiently mine and visualise the extremely complex data which is produced by spatiotemporal proteomics studies.

She was appointed to a Professorship in Cellular Dynamics in 2012 and more recently has been awarded a Welcome Trust Investigator Award to investigate the implication of where transcripts are translated upon the spatial proteome and how this process is controlled.

Professor Lilley is co-theme leader for Biological Mass Spectrometry at the Rosalind Franklin Institute.