Chameleon will automate cryo-EM sample preparation giving better, more reliable results than is currently possible. Recent advancements mean that increasingly challenging samples are able to be imaged using cryo-EM, making it possible to determine their structure with atomic resolution.

However, sample preparation remains low throughput due to it still being a largely manual process, and gives inconsistent, non-repeatable results. To change this, The Franklin are working with SPT Labtech to develop Chameleon, an automatic sample preparation system. Chameleon will offer users real-time feedback, which will guide sample preparation and quality control. This will lead to reduced variability, improved sample yields and reduced sample consumption. It will also make workflows simpler.

We are pleased to announce a commissioning call for researchers to access to Chameleon. Find out more about how to submit a proposal here.

Project team members at The Franklin:

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SPT Labtech

Diamond Light Source

Rosalind Franklin Institute