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The UK PET Innovation Network are hosting a workshop on 6th Sept 2022. The objective of the workshop is to widen the network’s engagement by bringing together those working on PET imaging, radiochemistry and related sciences in the UK towards greater collaboration and more innovation in the technology. The workshop will be an opportunity to discuss on-going PET infrastructure initiatives and future opportunities, with a particular focus on innovative radiochemistry and radiopharmaceuticals and their applications.

We are delighted to be hosting this event at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Campus with the Rosalind Franklin Institute. The Franklin is a national research institute started in 2018, devoted to developing new technologies to improve seeing life in ‘5 dimensions’. The focus is on integrative methods in the physical science for answering fundamental questions in biology and medicine. Aspects of the PET workshop will therefore also help to shape the future of the Franklin.

In addition to keynote addresses from international leading PET scientists , we will hold network talks and breakout sessions reflecting the network’s objectives as well as the future vision. Details of speakers and sessions will be provided closer to the workshop.

About the UK PET Innovation Network:

The UK PET Innovation Network is aiming to enhance and transform innovation in UK PET imaging, creating a globally competitive community. With effective collaboration, state-of-the-art infrastructure and suitable public and private investment, the objective is to unlock the full potential of UK PET and drive innovative developments in medical imaging.

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Agenda for workshop:

8:30 Arrival and refreshments

9:15 Welcome and Introduction to UK PET Innovation Network vision and meeting aims – Professor Franklin Aigbirhio, University of Cambridge, and Professor Veronique Gouverneur, University of Oxford

09:35 Radionuclides for Health UK – Dr Jennifer Young, Kings College London

09:50 Dementias Platform UK Imaging Network – Dr Julian Matthews, University of Manchester

10:05 National Cancer Imaging Translational Accelerator (NCITA) – Professor Eric Aboagye, Imperial College

10:20 Coffee break

10:40 Keynote 1 – Translational 89Zr-immuno-PET imaging: current status and future perspectives – Dr Daniëlle Vugts, VU Amsterdam

11:10 Using PET imaging to improve survival and reduce side-effects of treatment for patients with cancer – Professor Sally Barrington, Kings College London

11:30 PET imaging in dementia: novel approaches towards therapeutics – Dr Maura Malpetti, University of Cambridge

11:50 Fluorine Radiochemistry at Cardiff – Dr Matthew Tredwell, Cardiff University

12:10 Novel radiotracers and quantification approaches for Total-Body PET imaging – Dr Adriana Tavares, University of Edinburgh

12:30 Networking lunch and visit Rosalind Franklin Institute labs

13:20 Breakout sessions

14:15 Breakout feedback

15:00 Keynote 2 – PET Imaging in Drug Discovery: From Academia to Industry – Dr Neil Vasdev, University of Toronto

15:30 Coffee break

The next portion of the event will be a hybrid format and discussions will relate to plans for a Nationally-Accessible Preclinical Experimental Facility at the Franklin. Find out more about these plans and register to attend online.

15:50 Panel Discussion: International Models for Innovation Centres in Radioscience – Professor Ben Davis, the Franklin, Dr Phil Murphy, Johnson and Johnson, Professor Olof Solin, University of Turku, Dr Amy Vavere, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Professor Jason Lewis, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

16:35 Townhall meeting: What should a UK Innovation Centre be?

18:00 Close

This conference is sponsored by The Rosalind Franklin Institute, University of Cambridge and MITHRAS

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