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Researchers now have a suite of instruments available to them to help solve their biological problems. Different techniques often offer different advantages, and developing the ability to ‘correlate’ the outputs from these different techniques would be highly valuable.

The ability to correlate structural and biochemical data would give a far deeper understanding and revolutionise how we examine biological samples.

In this webinar, we will further discuss exciting new technologies under development at the Franklin and potential applications within academia and industry.

Outline for webinar:

12:00- 12:10 Angus Kirkland, Director of the Correlated Imaging theme at the Franklin, will give a brief overview of the Correlated Imaging theme at the Franklin and his vision for the next phase.

12:10- 12:25 Judy Kim, Deputy Director of the Correlated Imaging theme, will discuss the new electron microscopy instrumentation being developed at the Franklin.

12:25- 12:30 Shaun Quill, Managing Director of JEOL UK, will discuss the partnership with the Franklin in developing these new technologies.

12:30- 12:45 Chris Russo, a group leader at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and a key collaborator on the C100 project, will discuss this project and how it aims to democratise cryo-EM.

12:45- 12:50 Break

12:50- 13:00 Marco Fritzsche, Rosalind Franklin and Kennedy Institute Fellow, will discuss the development of Biophotonic Correlative Optical Platform (BioCOP), a joint project between the Franklin and Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford. This system will allow high performance co-incidence and correlation imaging over multiple lengths and time-scales.

13:00- 13:30 – Panel discussion and Q&A

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