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A pan European consortium seeks to better understand life in its natural context by raising the level of imaging technologies and workflows.

The Franklin is proud to be a partner in the recently awarded ‘IMAGINE’ grant, which is led by EMBL. The consortium of 22 partner organisations from 13 countries have received €10 million is European Union. The Franklin’s funding will come from UKRI-Innovate UK as part of Plan B.

“We are honoured to be part of the IMAGINE consortium. The aim of the project to enable in-situ structural biology and imaging across scales is at the core of the Franklin’s mission, so we are excited to have found new partners who share this vision,” said Dr Michael Grange, a Group leader in Tomography at the Franklin.

The Franklin’s part of the project will see us collaborate with the Max Planck Society, EMBL, University of Leiden and Industry, to develop technologies for improved high throughput sample preparation, mainly plasma-focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (pFIB-SEM).

Find out more about the IMAGINE consortium here.

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