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Dr Alex Lubbock

Senior Research Software Engineer

Alex is a Senior Research Software Engineer specialising in computational biology.

He holds degrees in computer science and physics (BSc Hons., Leeds), intelligent systems (MSc, UCL) and computational systems medicine (PhD, Edinburgh), where his PhD thesis was on network biology and machine learning approaches to cancer metastasis and treatment response. He continued his PhD work during a short postdoc at Edinburgh, funded by an MRC Translational Medicine Fellowship.

He then started a postdoc in systems biology of cancer at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, Tennessee, USA), where he was later promoted to Research Assistant Professor. He worked on multiple projects, including the PySB biochemical simulation framework and he developed Thunor, a web application for high throughput screens of cell line proliferation data. He also led training sessions and “hackathons” at US National Science Foundation-funded workshops on cellular modelling and systems biology software.

View Alex’s publication here.

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