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Correlated Imaging

Dr Amirafshar Moshtaghpour

Staff Scientist

Amirafshar Moshtaghpour is the Postdoctoral research scientist in Compressive Sensing for Electron Microscopy at the Rosalind Franklin Institute.

Amirafshar received his MSc in Communication Systems from University of Tehran in 2014, and his PhD in Signal and Image Processing from Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain), Belgium, in 2019. His PhD focused on Computational Interferometry for Hyperspectral Imaging. He was awarded a F.R.I.A grant from the F.R.S.-FNRS and his PhD thesis was the winner of the ICTEAM best thesis award 2020. From January to March 2018, he was a visiting researcher at the Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon, Portugal).

Before joining the Franklin, Amirafshar was a Postdoctoral researcher in the Image and Signal Processing Group (ISPGroup) at the ICTEAM institute, UCLouvain, working on machine learning methods for detection, segmentation, and classification of objects in the image data. His research interests include signal and image processing, machine learning, computational imaging, theory and application of compressed sensing, hyperspectral imaging, electron microscopy, and Fourier transform interferometry.

At the Franklin, Amirafshar is responsible for development of acquisition methods for Electron Microscopy using Artificial Intelligence and the theory of Compressive Sensing.

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