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Correlated Imaging

Dr Jingjing Zhao

Postdoctoral Scientist

Jingjing’s main research interest is to develop and apply new electron microscopy methods for answering important biological questions. At the Franklin, she will focus on developing electron ptychography, aiming for imaging protein particles and cells with dose-efficiency, high resolution, and high throughput.

Jingjing received her BSc in Physics and MSc in Material Science and Engineering from Xiangtan University and University of Science and Technology of China, respectively. She then moved to Sweden and received her PhD in Physical chemistry from Stockholm University in 2021. She was trained as an electron crystallographer. Her main project was to apply 3D electron diffraction (3D ED/MicroED) for the structure determination of novel and challenging crystalline samples, including inorganic materials, small organic molecules, and macromolecules. She has also developed a new sample preparation method to push the current limitations of protein structure determination by 3D ED.

View Jingjing’s publications here.

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