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Correlated Imaging

Dr Marcus Gallagher-Jones

Senior Electron Microscopy Structural Biologist

Marcus’s research interests focus on the application of novel imaging methods to tackle challenging questions in structural and cellular biology. He is particularly interested in the use of MicroED, 4D STEM, and Ptychography as new tools for studying the structures of biological molecules and is excited to push the limits of these techniques at the Franklin.

Marcus received his BSc in Biochemistry from Durham University and his PhD in Biophysics from the University of Liverpool. He spent the majority of his PhD at the RIKEN Harima Campus in Japan developing instrumentation for Coherent Diffractive Imaging of cells and organelles. For his postdoctoral work he moved to the department of Physics at UCLA where he applied soft X-ray ptychography to the study of cellular interactions with nanoparticles. Before joining the Franklin, Marcus worked in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCLA where he used MicroED to interrogate the structures of peptides and small proteins from sub-micron sized crystals. At the same time he also developed cryo-STEM diffraction methods for analysing the overall architecture of the crystals themselves.

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