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Correlated Imaging

Dr Tobias Starborg

Senior Electron Microscopy Structural Biologist

Tobias completed a PhD at the University of Manchester examining collagen fibril deposition and organisation.  Tobias then worked as a post-doctoral researcher examining cell-matrix interactions before moving to work as a senior experimental officer in the Electron Microscopy Core Facility.  Tobias has used and developed a number of electron microscopy and x-ray imaging techniques.  Whilst working at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Matrix Research he installed and setup the second serial block face imaging microscope (SBFSEM) in the UK.  Block face imaging is now one of the ‘go to’ techniques for high resolution imaging of tissue volumes.

Tobias has a strong background in imaging samples using a range of complimentary techniques.  Within the correlative imaging group, he will be working to develop new cryo-transmission transmission electron microscope technologies with the long term aim to democratise the, currently complex, world of single particle imaging.

View Tobias’ publications here.

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