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Jess Stone

PhD Student

Thesis title: Correlative light and electron microscopy to investigate the cytotoxic T-cell mediated anti-tumour response.

Franklin Themes: Correlated Imaging and Structural Biology

Primary Supervisors: Marco Fritzsche and Michael Grange

University: Kings College London

University Supervisor: Robert Kochl

Jess’ project focusses on combining the BioCOP instrument and cryo-electron tomography to probe dynamic and structural features of the immunological synapse.

Jess obtained an integrated masters in Biochemistry from The University of Sheffield where she developed an interest in protein biology. During her undergraduate studies, she took part in the Cold Spring Harbor undergraduate summer research programme where she performed a project using RNA-seq to investigate the plant response to shade. Her masters project investigated liquid-liquid phase separation of cystatin C to better understand Bunina Bodies in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. She’s excited to get involved in the interdisciplinary research performed at the Rosalind Franklin Institute.

Rosalind Franklin Institute