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John Clarke

DPhil Student, University of Oxford

John is currently completing his DPhil in Interdisciplinary Bioscience as a collaboratory project between The University of Oxford, The Pirbright Institute and Diamond Light Source under the mentorship of Professor Ray Owens, Professor John Hammond, and Professor Sir Dave Stuart. John’s research looks to provide structural context for the limited genetic diversity observed in cattle antibody repertoires, and how this contributes to antigenic recognition, using both crystallographic X-Ray diffraction and single-particle cryogenic electron microscopy. Veterinary immunology is a relatively under reported area, and hence this work contributes to a more complete understanding of the bovine immune system, which in turn may lead to development of better veterinary strategies (either prophylactic or therapeutic).

John graduated from the University of Southampton with a Masters in Biochemistry in June 2018. During his undergraduate studies John researched a proposed mechanism for antimicrobial resistance involving bacterial multidrug resistance efflux pumps, and a short pharmaceutical research project involving Caenorhabditis elegans. John has also undertaken an internship with Oxford University Innovation to learn about the world of bioscience intellectual property.

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