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Natalie Nord

PhD student

Thesis Title: Improving cryo-electron ptychography for bioimaging

Primary Theme: Correlated Imaging

Secondary Theme: Artificial Intelligence & Informatics and Structural Biology

Franklin supervisors: Marcus Gallagher-Jones and Silvie da Graca Ramos

University: University of Warwick

University supervisor: Prof Peng Wang

Natalie received her Masters in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews where she studied both machine learning and GOFAI techniques. Her dissertation investigated the use of massively parallel hardware in constraint solvers.

At the Franklin she is attempting to use defocussed probe electron ptychography to image large areas of biological samples at dose-limited resolution. Her efforts include developing new methods for improving data-acquisition and the development of novel reconstruction algorithms, with a focus on targeting high-performance compute clusters.

View Natalie’s publications here

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