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Correlated Imaging

Professor Angus Kirkland

Science Director, Correlated Imaging

University of Oxford

Angus Kirkland completed his MA and PhD at the University of Cambridge using high resolution electron microscopy to study the structures of colloidal metals.

Following a post-doctoral Fellowship Angus was elected to the Ramsay Memorial Trust Research Fellowship and subsequently as Senior Research Associate in Cambridge. In 2005 he was appointed as professor of materials at Oxford University and in 2011 as JEOL professor of Electron Microscopy. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Microscopical Society and is the author of over 350 refereed papers. He is also Fellow of Linacre College Oxford.

In 2005 he was awarded the Microscopy Society of America Award for the best paper published and in 2015 was awarded the Harald Rose Distinguished Lecture and Prize for Contributions to Image Processing and Exit Wavefunction Reconstruction. In 2012 Angus was appointed as an Honorary Professor, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Republic of South Africa.

As Science Director for ePSIC, the physical sciences imaging centre based at Diamond Light Source, Angus’ role is the strategic scientific development of the ePSIC facility.

His current research interests include the development and applications of aberration corrected HRTEM for structural studies of nanomaterials, the design of direct electron detectors and electron optics and computational image processing and theory for phase retrieval and quantitative electron microscopy.

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