The Rosalind Franklin Institute is dedicated to transforming life science through interdisciplinary research and technology development

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The Rosalind Franklin Institute is a national research institute dedicated to developing new technologies to tackle important health research challenges. The spectrum of tools under development at the Franklin are individually extraordinary, but when combined at the Franklin’s Hub, they allow us to develop tomorrow’s healthcare innovations.

Our technologies will enable the ‘imaging of life in five dimensions’ – that is, to see the molecules of life in the context of three-dimensional space, along with time and chemistry. We are currently focusing our multi-disciplinary research teams and technologies in development to the grand challenge problem of infection and the body’s response to it. Find out more about our research here.

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We host our own PhD studentship scheme at the Rosalind Franklin Institute.

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There are various routes to collaborate with the Rosalind Franklin Institute.

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There are many career opportunities at the Rosalind Franklin Institute.

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Llamas vs. Viruses

This year we will be taking part in the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition talking to visitors about how llamas can help fight viruses.

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