Collaborate with us

Developing our technologies is best done hand in hand with the communities who will use them – we are keen to collaborate in the development stage of our technologies, to bring both test questions and technical expertise.

You can find out more about our current science themes and research goals on our science theme pages, at the bottom of each theme page you can find further details of specific projects we are currently involved in.

Research consortia

One of organisational goals is to foster many-to-many links between our academic and industrial partners. To this end, we are happy to act as a hub for multi-party collaborations with academics and industries working together to develop and utilise our technologies to address pressing research problems.

Studentships, placements and training

As a skills hub, we can offer placements for industry, training on advanced techniques, or studentships in collaboration with our university partners.

We are currently looking for partners to co-supervise our PhD students, if you would be interested then please complete this expression of interest form and we will update you on the next steps.


You can find more information about potential collaborations and partnerships here.

If you are interested in collaborating with us please contact our Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Dr Róisín Nicamhlaoibh (