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The Artificial Intelligence and Informatics group

Dr Mark Basham

Science Director, Artificial Intelligence and Informatics

Dr Mark Basham is Head of AI at the Rosalind Franklin Institute, and a Research Fellow at Diamond Light Source. […]

Dr Michele Darrow

Head of Data Strategy for Cryo Electron Imaging

Michele received her PhD from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX for her work using cryo electron tomography and […]

Dr Alex Lubbock

Senior Research Software Engineer

Alex is a Senior Research Software Engineer specialising in computational biology. He holds degrees in computer science and physics (BSc […]

Dr Silvia da Graça Ramos

Senior Research Software Engineer

Silvia is a Senior Research Software Engineer working on the Data Infrastructure at the Rosalind Franklin Institute. She studied at […]

Dr Laura Shemilt

Senior Research Software Engineer

Laura is Reasearch Software Engineer primarily specialing in Data Engineering. Her main focus is to collate and curate the data […]

Dr Joss Whittle

Senior Research Software Engineer

Joss is a Research Software Engineer primarily specialising in Global Optimization. His main focus is to develop the Opt-ID software in support […]

Elaine Ho

Research Software Engineer

Elaine is a Research Software Engineer for Imaging. She studied mechanical and biomedical engineering at the University of Southampton, where […]

Dr Dimitrios Bellos

Research Software Engineer

Dimitrios is a researcher and software developer, specialised in the development of deep learning, AI and machine learning solutions for […]

Dr Neville Yee

Research Software Engineer

Neville is a Research Software Engineer for Imaging. He studied physics at the Hong Kong Baptist University, then completed his […]

Dr Luis Perdigao

Research Software Engineer

Luis is a researcher specialised in the field of Scanning Probe Microscopy. He has an undergraduate degree in Physics, a […]

Laura Crawford

Junior Research Software Engineer

Laura is a junior research software engineer primarily specialising in cloud infrastructure and HPC. She studied Ecology at the University […]

Gabryel Mason-Williams

Junior Research Software Engineer

Gabryel is a junior research software engineer focusing on HPC, cloud and storage; they will be working on a wide […]

Nikolai Juraschko

PhD student

Thesis Title: Combining MD simulations with ML approaches to facilitate the morphological classification of Chlamydia from cryo-ET data Primary Theme: […]

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