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The Next Generation Chemistry group

Professor Ben Davis

Science Director, Next Generation Chemistry

University of Oxford

Ben Davis got his B.A. (1993) and D.Phil. (1996) from the University of Oxford. During this time he learnt the […]

Associate Professor Shabaz Mohammed

Deputy Science Director, Next Generation Chemistry

University of Manchester

Shabaz Mohammed is the Deputy Science Director for Next Generation Chemistry and Head of Mechanistic Proteomics, and also teaches at […]

Professor Andrew Baldwin

Head of Biomolecular NMR

Andrew is Head of Biomolecular NMR and Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oxford. He is interested in developing […]

Professor Adam Nelson

Head of High Throughput Discovery

University of Leeds

Professor Adam Nelson is Head of High Throughput Discovery at the Rosalind Franklin Institute, Professor of Chemical Biology at the […]

Mellisa Govender Kirkpatrick

Chemistry Laboratory Manager

Mellisa is the Laboratory Manager at the Rosalind Franklin Institute with the Next Generation Chemistry Group. Mellisa is South African, […]

Dr Timea Palmai-Pallag

High-Throughput Discovery Laboratory Manager

Timea joined the Rosalind Franklin Institute as Laboratory Manager for the High-Throughput Discovery Laboratory, having previously leading and designing high-throughput clinical […]

Dr Abigail Turner

NMR Facilities Manager

Abigail completed their BA and MSci in natural sciences at the University of Cambridge before moving to UCL to pursue […]

Dr Karina Pombo-Garcia

Group Leader

Karina Pombo-Garcia is a group leader on “Molecular Organization of Cell Interfaces”.  Her lab will investigate the molecular assembly of cell interfaces […]

Dr Ajay Jha

Associate Investigator

Ajay is using ultrafast spectroscopic methods to unravel mechanistic details of light induced post-translational installation of reactive protein side chains. […]

Dr Stefan Lohmann

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Stefan is a Postdoctoral Research Associate within the Next Generation Chemistry theme at the Rosalind Franklin Institute. He is working […]

Dr Yi Jiang

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Yi received his PhD degree from National University of Singapore supervised by Prof. Ming Joo Koh. During his PhD studies, […]

Dr Jack Maynard

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Having graduated from the University of Bristol in 2017, Jack moved to the University of Southampton for doctoral studies on […]

Dr Xuejian Yin

Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Oxford

Xuejian is a Postdoctoral Research Associate of the Department of Pharmacology at the university of Oxford and a visitor within […]

Dr Chao Guo

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Chao got his master’s degree in microbiology from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) in 2017. Then he […]

Dr Nikita Levin

Postdoctoral Research Associate

After obtaining his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Nikita joined the group of Professor […]

Dr Yongchen Wang

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Yongchen completed a PhD in 2022 under the supervision of Prof. Ed Anderson at the University of Oxford where she […]

Dr Bimod Thapa

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Bimod studied MSci Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Huddersfield and then went on to complete an MRes in Chemistry. […]

Dr Weibing Liu

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Weibing received their Ph.D. in Chemical Biology at Peking University in July 2020 with Prof. Xing Chen. During their graduate […]

Dr Xiaping Fu

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Xiaping got his PhD. degree in Organic Chemistry from the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (SIOC) in 2019. During his […]

Dr Viliyana Lewis

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Viliyana completed her Undergraduate studies in Chemistry at Reading University, followed by MRes in Molecular Modelling and EngD at UCL. […]

Dr Yana Demyanenko

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Yana is a Postdoctoral research associate within the Next Generation Chemistry (NGC) theme. After receiving her BSc in Biotechnology with […]

Dr Sofia Piticari

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Sofia obtained her MSci degree in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry from Imperial College London and pursued her PhD studies at […]

Dr Guoxuan Sun

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Guoxuan obtained his PhD from UCL School of Pharmacy in 2021, majoring anti-cancer drug design. His research interest is the […]

Dr Eduardo Kitano

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Eduardo Kitano is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Proteomics – Separation Scientist at the Franklin. Eduardo has obtained his PhD […]

Dr Angus Weir

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Angus obtained his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Bristol in 2021 under the supervision of Professors Chris Willis […]

Dr Jiang Liu

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Jiang earned his Ph.D. in Molecular Chemistry from Sorbonne University. His research journey has been primarily focused on the synthesis […]

Dr Matous Kromer

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Matous comes from Czechia. He completed his BSc. and MSc. degrees in organic chemistry at Charles University in Prague, where […]

George Goad

Laboratory Assistant

George is a Laboratory Assistant within The Next Generation Chemistry group. Prior to working at the Franklin he attained a […]

Niamh Morris

PhD student

Thesis Title: Autonomous phenotype-directed discovery of chemical probes Primary Theme: Next Generation Chemistry Franklin supervisors: Prof Adam Nelson and Dr […]

Alice Eddershaw

DPhil Student, University of Oxford

Alice is a DPhil student working under the supervision of Prof. Davis here at the Franklin and Dr Dong at […]

Lara Fragapane

PhD Student

Thesis title: Solving the mysteries of human protein N-glycosylation: The Early Lipid-Linked Oligosaccharide Synthesis Pathway Primary Themes: Structural Biology and Next Generation […]

Jack Bercovici

PhD Student

Thesis title: Photodroplets: A Light-Controllable Method Of Unpicking Phase Separation Biology​ Primary Theme: Next Generation Chemistry Secondary theme: Structural Biology […]

Tia É Hawkins

PhD Student

Thesis title: Understanding the GAG reflex: how glycosaminoglycans interact with Nipah virus to differently perturb its infectivity Primary Theme: Next […]

Jack Ren

DPhil Student, University of Oxford

Jack is a DPhil student working under the supervision of Prof Ben Davis. His project focuses on stereoselective enzyme catalysed […]

Efterpi Nikitopoulou

DPhil Student, University of Oxford

Efterpi completed her undergrad in biochemistry and biotechnology in Greece before reading a master’s in molecular genetics and diagnostics at […]

Dr Adeline Poh

Visiting Associate Investigator

Adeline is a Visiting Associate Investigator at the Rosalind Franklin Institute, where she will be developing novel protein editing technologies […]

Dimitrios Mamalis

Visiting Researcher

Dimitrios a visiting researcher here at the Franklin. Prior to this as a DPhil student at the University of Oxford, […]

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