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The Correlated Imaging group

Professor Angus Kirkland

Science Director, Correlated Imaging

University of Oxford

Angus Kirkland completed his MA and PhD at the University of Cambridge using high resolution electron microscopy to study the […]

Dr Judy Kim

Deputy Science Director, Correlated Imaging

University of Oxford

Judy Kim is the Deputy Science Director of Correlated Imaging at the Rosalind Franklin Institute and Departmental Lecturer in the […]

Professor Marco Fritzsche

Rosalind Franklin Kennedy Trust Research Fellow

Professor Marco Fritzsche is the Scientific Director of the Oxford-ZEISS Centre of Excellence and Rosalind Franklin Kennedy Trust Research Fellow […]

Dr Marcus Gallagher-Jones

Associate Investigator

Marcus received his BSc in Biochemistry from Durham University and his PhD in Biophysics from the University of Liverpool. For […]

Dr Ivan Lobato

Associate Investigator

Ivan Lobato completed his PhD at the University of Antwerp, with a thesis on accurate modelling of high angle electron […]

Dr Tobias Starborg

Senior Staff Scientist

Toby completed a PhD at the University of Manchester examining collagen fibril deposition and organisation. He then worked as a […]

Dr Jonathan Barnard

Senior Staff Scientist

Jon is the Electron Microscopy Facilities Manager within Correlated Imaging. Having studied physics at the University of Bristol, Jon studied […]

Dr Emanuela Liberti

Staff Scientist

Emanuela’s role at the Franklin consists in designing innovative Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy imaging methods applied to the study of […]

Dr Chen Huang

Staff Scientist

At the Franklin, Chen leads the real-time cryo-electron ptychography project and is focusing on extending its application to large heterogeneous […]

Dr Mohammed Yusuf

Staff Scientist

Yusuf is a staff scientist for the Franklin. He has extensive experience in preparing and analysing samples for different modalities. […]

Dr Ali Mostaed

Staff Scientist

Ali has been working on the characterization of materials in the atomic and sub-atomic scale by advanced (scanning) transmission electron […]

Dr Abner Velazco

Staff Scientist

Abner received his MSc degree in physics from the Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Lima, Peru. In 2017, as a PhD […]

Dr Amirafshar Moshtaghpour

Postdoctoral Scientist

Amirafshar Moshtaghpour is the Postdoctoral research scientist in Compressive Sensing for Electron Microscopy at the Rosalind Franklin Institute. Amirafshar received […]

Adrián Pedrazo Tardajos

Postdoctoral Scientist

Adrián Pedrazo Tardajos is a postdoctoral researcher with experience in advanced electron microscopy techniques. In 2015, Adrián completed his MSc […]

Dr Jingjing Zhao

Postdoctoral Scientist

Jingjing’s main research interest is to develop and apply new electron microscopy methods for answering important biological questions. At the […]

Dr Anna Schepers

Postdoctoral Scientist

Anna received her MSc degree in Nanoscience at the University of Hamburg, Germany, in 2017. During her doctoral studies at […]

Dr Narain Karedla

Postdoctoral Scientist

Narain is a postdoctoral researcher and an advanced microscopy specialist. He will be building a lattice light sheet microscope coupled […]

Dr Brian Caffrey

Postdoctoral Scientist

Brian Caffrey is a postdoctoral researcher and specialist in correlated microscopy methods. His research focuses on the application of advanced […]

Emily Barot

PhD student

Thesis Title: Time-resolved imaging of biomolecules using liquid-cell TEM Primary theme: Correlated Imaging Franklin Supervisors: Dr Emanuela Liberti, Dr Judy […]

Ben Gaunt

PhD student

Thesis Title: Combining Ptychography and EDX to investigate cubosome internalisation Primary Theme: Correlated Imaging Franklin supervisors: Judy Kim, Chen Huang […]

Natalie Nord

PhD student

Thesis Title: Improving field of view in high resolution cryo-bio electron ptychography Primary Theme: Correlated Imaging Secondary Theme: Artificial Intelligence […]

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