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The Institute Brand

Members, partners, and researchers are welcome to use the Rosalind Franklin Institute branding to reference joint work and projects.  Some uses of the brand will require approval, but we will endeavour to be as quick as possible providing this.

We hope that this page contains the information you need, but if you have any doubts or questions please contact info@rfi.ac.uk. This is also the contact address to use for approval of materials which use our brand.

What requires approval and what doesn't? 

Academic posters, seminar flyers, and materials for local use only do not require approval from the Institute team.

Use of the brand for printed materials for external events, conferences, websites, and news materials do require approval. If in doubt, we would prefer a conservative approach – please check with us if you are unsure.

Style guide

If you are referring to the Institute in text, please check our style guide for full information on how to correctly refer to us, our funding, and our members.

Some of the guide is aimed at employees of the Institute, but a lot is relevant for partners.

Download the style guide here.


Logos and how to use them

Before using our logo, please read our branding guidelines here.

JPEG logos are available to download below, if you need .eps files for artwork, or any other variations, please contact info@rfi.ac.uk.

Standard institute logo

Light standard logo for dark backgrounds 

Squared logo for restricted space

Black mono logo

Rosalind Franklin Institute