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These carefully selected areas demonstrate the utility of our technologies. These areas are all of strategic importance to the UK economy and international health, and are all open to transformative insight through our image, interpret, intervene model.


Each area has strong Franklin intellectual leadership internally to drive collaborations with industrial and academic partners.


Damage and inflammatory pathways

Target: A feature of almost all disease, cell and tissue damage is poorly understood. Our goal is to identify the “necrome” the collection of proteins that function in damage, and to map this mechanism.


Host-pathogen interface

Target: The Franklin will study the interface between pathogen and host as a single problem; a radical change from today’s approach of investigating individual components of each.


Molecular transport

Target: Mechanistic insights in nucleotide drug delivery, advancing the development of this new drug frontier.


Neurodegenerative pathways

Target: Understanding early processes in neurodegeneration, a previously invisible and unmapped process.


New molecular mechanisms in differentiation and cancer

Target: Both differentiation and cancer start at the single cell but quickly move to complex multi organismal level. It is at this level where molecular insights could transform our ability to utilise stem cells and to further bear down on cancer.


Pandemic Preparedness

Target: Understanding virus entry and replication in host cells.

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We want to partner with many different types of organisation and use our technologies to help answer research problems across life science, to enable this we have various routes by which you can collaborate with us.

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