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Correlated Imaging

Dr Chen Huang

Senior Staff Scientist

At the Franklin, Chen leads the real-time cryo-electron ptychography project and is focusing on extending its application to large heterogeneous biological structures at a cellular level field-of-view. He is dedicated to pushing the limits of the current instrumentation and integrating the cutting-edge imaging workflow with research across themes within the institute. He also works closely with colleagues from partner universities as well as external research organisations on projects involving advanced EM techniques, microscope automation through machine learning, and high time-resolution computational microscopy.

Chen received his BEng in Materials Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University and went on to complete his DPhil in Materials at the University of Oxford working on low-dose electron microscopy and exit wave phase reconstruction techniques. He then became a postdoctoral research associate at Oxford Materials and a part-time EM Scientist at the Electron Physical Science Imaging Centre (ePSIC), developing methods for imaging graphene defect kinetics at millisecond time-resolution and using deep learning for analysing large electron microscopy datasets.

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