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Biological Mass Spectrometry

Dr Felicia Green

Associate Investigator

Felicia Green is an associate investigator for the Rosalind Franklin Institute in the UK, where she designs and develops next-generation mass spectrometry instrumentation for biological applications. Felicia obtained a physics degree and biophysics PhD from the University of Oxford. Recently she has been working on the use of water cluster ion beams for multiomic cryo-tissue analysis and development of high throughput detection in SIMS using microscope mode imaging.

Previously, working at the National Physical Laboratory, she set up mass calibration standards in SIMS and ran some of the first standardisation studies in Desorption Electrospray Ionisation MS as well as running interlaboratory studies in both techniques. She was involved in the theoretical and experimental advancement of cluster SIMS and G-SIMS for analysis of organics and organic profiling.

Rosalind Franklin Institute