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Emily Barot

PhD student

Thesis Title: Time-resolved imaging of biomolecules using liquid-cell TEM

Primary theme: Correlated Imaging

Franklin Supervisors: Dr Emanuela Liberti, Dr Judy Kim and Prof Angus Kirkland

University: University of Manchester

University Supervisor: Prof Sarah Haigh

Emily studied Biochemistry with Genetics at Lancaster University before heading to Copenhagen University for an MSc in Bioinformatics, where she developed a keen interest in AI and image processing. After graduating she worked as a data manager at the Collaboration for Research in Intensive Care at Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet), where she helped to facilitate ICU-based clinical trials.

Now here at the Franklin, Emily is exploring the new and exciting world of liquid-cell TEM, applying this novel technique to biology. By combining expertise in the Correlated Imaging and Structural Biology themes at the Franklin, with Prof Sarah Haigh’s group at University of Manchester’s National Graphene Institute, Emily hopes to push the boundaries of this technique and watch viruses assemble and invade cells in real-time, in their native environments.

View Emily’s publications here

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