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Joe Thrush

PhD Student

Thesis title: Investigating the Membrane Fusion events of Nipah Virus using Advanced Light Microscopy and Cryo-Electron Microscopy.

Primary theme: Structural Biology

Secondary theme: Correlated Imaging

Franklin supervisors: Prof. Ray Owens, Dr Judy Kim and Dr Liang Wu

University: King’s College London

University Supervisor: Dr Sergi Padillla-Parra

Joe’s project focuses on the mechanism of membrane fusion of Nipah Virus using advanced light microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy

Joe is a PhD student at the Rosalind Franklin Institute. He graduated with an integrated masters in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, with his final year project focusing on the aggregation of proteins responsible for Parkinson’s Disease. He then worked for 6 months in the Structural Biology department of the Rosalind Franklin Institute in the nanobody discovery team. He decided that he wanted to embark on a PhD here as he enjoyed it so much.

Rosalind Franklin Institute