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Mechanistic Proteomics

This project aims to understand mechanistic biology at the molecular level by examining the structure of key workhorse biomolecules.

Multi-scale models suitable for precise biomolecule editing and programming and interrogation by widescale gene-product-omics will be established with a focus on the exploitation, control and understanding of chemical structure. One goal is to fully exploit the >4000 serum proteins that are predicted to exist as potential quantifiable biomarkers.

Development of high-throughput high-sensitivity mass spectrometry-liquid chromatography workflows will lead to improved pathway detection and insights into cellular function. Chemical manipulation of biomolecule components – such as amino acids and glycans – will be utilised not only to allow quantitation in proteomics and longitudinal studies in living model systems but also the identification of modification and functional group states that truly determine mechanism in those same models, and associated biomolecule chemistries

Project team members at The Franklin:

Shabaz Mohammad

Ben Davis

Rosalind Franklin Institute